We will send your confirmation via email within 24 hours of you confirming your booking. In most cases when booking on our website, you will receive a confirmation immediately following the completion of your booking. If you have not received confirmation it is also possible you gave us the wrong email address - in this case please call us ASAP. It is very important we have the correct details on file in case of any schedule changes. 

If you have not received your confirmation email it is possible your email server has classified the email as spam. Please check your Junk folder.

If you still can not find it then please click on the eTicket option via the Help Centre page and we will resend it.

Please note most Airline fares are non refundable unless you have specifically chosen a fare that permits refunds

To cancel your ticket and check if any refund is due please click on the change/cancel link in our Help Centre

Please note After Sales fees must be paid before requesting changes or refunds and please note service fees apply for all changes to bookings regardless of the reason for the change.

We can certainly check this for you. Please note the following:

- eTravel After Sales fees must be paid before our consultants can check any booking

- not all Airline Fare Rules allow changes

- if an Airline allows changes there will be a change fee and fare difference charges

- all changes made by eTravel are subject to Administration fees, regardless of the reason for changing

To see if your ticket is eligible please click on the change ticket tab in the Help Centre (accessed via our Home Page)

Airlines as a rule do not permit changes for you or family members due to illness. We therefore recommend that all passengers secure Travel Insurance in advance of travel.

As an agent to the Airlines we have to adhere to their rules. If you have been granted permission/waiver, for a refund or change, by contacting an Airline directly, please provide us with an Airline contact name/number/email address so we can verify this.

It is really important that you have the correct information on your documents, and you have a printed copy of same. 

If you see anything incorrect in relation to your travel details then please contact us immediately via the Help Centre on the Home Page

Charges will apply to name corrections, date changes etc. even if they are noticed immediately after booking.

Airlines do not allow Name Changes

Airlines will allow slight name corrections where a genuine mistake has been made when entering the name during the booking process. All Airlines require the name in your booking to match the name on your passport but only require your first and last name. Middle names are not required. 

If you need to correct the spelling, please contact us via the Name Correction tab in the Help Centre (access via Home Page)

Please note all name corrections will incur both Airline fees and an eTravel Admin fee as updating names involves liaising with the Airline for permission and reissuing eTickets.

All prices on our site come directly from the Airlines and change regularly based on demand and availability of seats. As we use a live booking system the availability and fares are outside of our control. Once you have booked and have received a confirmation number the price is unlikely to change. 

However prices are only guaranteed once we have successfully issued the eTicket. 

If, for some reason the price does change after you have received a confirmation then we will contact you and you will be given the choice of being fully refunded or continuing with the new price.

Unfortunately, Airlines do not allow this. As soon as you do not appear for one flight the remaining flights in your booking are automatically cancelled by every Airline system.

If you need to change your itinerary and avoid having your flights cancelled you need to contact us via the Change booking facility offered in the Help Centre (via Home Page).

Passengers who "No Show" for flights and have their booking cancelled will need to buy new tickets or pay significant No Show, Change and Fare difference fees - if the Airline permits

All connection offered on our site are valid connections according to the Airline rules taking into account Airport advice on any terminal changes or security checks. We highly recommend you go straight to your connecting gate on arrival. 

If you are travelling on separate tickets for any reason then you need to allow yourself sufficient time to transit as you may need to collect bags, change terminal, clear immigration. If you are on separate tickets and you do miss your connection you may need to buy a new ticket

If your ticket is refundable this can take 4-6 weeks to be processed. The process is controlled by the Airlines so timings can vary. 

Please note Admin fees of €/£50 apply per passenger when processing refunds.

We recommend that all passengers take out travel insurance before travelling.

Travel Insurance is currently offered, to Irish clients, during our booking process, by Blue Insurance. 

For details on a policy booked via Blue Insurance please contact them directly with the contact details received when booking.

The Advance Passenger Information System or APIS was established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. APIS provides a limited number of pieces of data (identification details from the passport and basic flight information) from commercial airlines to the computer system of the destination country.

When travelling to or from certain countries, passengers are required to provide advance passenger information (API) before they check in or they will be unable to fly.

It is your responsibility to check if the destination you are travelling to requires API information.

New requirements state that airlines must provide certain passport information about all passengers on their aircraft before the aircraft leaves Ireland or the UK. This information is known as 'Advance Passenger Information' (API or APIS data).

APIS information can be added on the Airlines official website by logging into their 'Manage My Booking' section using the Airline booking reference that can be found on your booking confirmation.

When submitting your API details, the airlines will require the following information:

  • The passport/ID card type
  • Passport/ID number
  • Date of issue of passport/ID card
  • Date of expiry of passport/ID card
  • Country of issue of passport/ID card
  • Nationality of passport holder
  • Date of birth of passport holder

We charge fees per passenger plus any charges levied by the Airline for any change, for any reason, to a booking. 

These fees are separate to any After Sales fee paid already and range from €50/£50-€100/£100 per passenger. 

Fees are listed in our T's and C's which must be agreed to pre booking. The T's and C's can also be found on our home Page (down the bottom)

Airlines often change times/aircraft due to demand and other operational reasons. We are notified by the Airlines and action these schedule changes prioritising those travelling in the coming 4-8 weeks. On occasion you may receive a notification from an Airline or notice this on their site before we have contacted you.

We will review the booking and the alternative flights offered by the airline and provide you with options. If you are unhappy with the alternatives on offer and the alternatives are significantly different that the original booking then you may be entitled to a full refund.

Please note all amendments will incur an Admin Fee  

If your baggage allowance shows as PC, this stands for “piece”, i.e. “1 piece of baggage”. 2 PCs stands for “2 pieces of baggage” If you need more information on the permitted weight allowance per piece for individual airlines, please click here. Please note Airlines now provide different weight allowances per "piece" depending on the price of the ticket. For example an Airlines lowest fare may not even include a bag or may only permit 15kg while a "standard" fare may permit 23kg. 

When making your booking online, we display your baggage allowance during the booking flow. When your booking is confirmed, you can find baggage allowance information on your eticket, booking confirmation email and on our baggage information page on this website.

Please note some Airlines do not provide baggage allowance on their lowest fares so it is important to read what is being offered during the booking process.

Yes. The baggage allowance shown on your eticket is a per person baggage allowance. However, please note that infants do not qualify for baggage allowance!

Airlines cannot and will not guarantee that your seat is reserved. This is because there may be an aircraft change for operational reasons before you travel, sometimes occurring at the time of travel. Airlines sometimes change aircraft type to accommodate varying load factors and for other reasons. When changes such as these are made, reserved seats are re-assigned and individuals may lose the seat they selected. 

Requesting your seat is possible at the time of booking or at a later date through the "manage my booking" section on the airlines website.

You will need a valid passport and your booking reference to hand. You may also be asked to verify other details from your reservation.

There are many variations so it is important to check the airline's website. For Airlines that do not allow seat selection until check in we strongly advise you check in online ASAP to give yourself the best chance to secure your preferred seating.

If the airline for your booking does not permit online check-in, you may then check in at the airport. Bring your original travel confirmation to check in.

Generally you can book 330 days in advance. 

We advise all passengers to arrive two and a half hours before departure on short haul (European) flights and at least three hours before departure on long haul (US and Asia) flights.

We would also recommend you plan your route ahead before you travel and allow plenty of time for traffic and possible delays through airport security. 

Always consider more time to check-in during peak travel seasons!

Unfortunately after the booking has been completed we are unable to add another bag. Please contact the airline directly for information on how to add a bag and the relevant fees

The U.S. Authorities continue to make changes to their entry requirements. As of 1 April 2016, all travellers wishing to enter the US under the VWP will need to hold a passport with an integrated chip (an ePassport). A passport is an ePassport if it carries the internationally recognised symbol on the front cover. For more information and for the most up to date information, we strongly recommend that customers visit: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/
Or contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

We would like to remind our customers that it’s the sole responsibility of the person travelling to check any visa or other advance travel requirements with the relevant embassy or consulate.

Citizens from countries other than the United States need to obtain an online authorization before flying to Canada.

More information on ETA is available at www.canada.ca/eTA

We would like to remind our customers that it’s the sole responsibility of the person travelling to check any visa or other advance travel requirements with the relevant embassy or consulate.

Yes - you need to add your API/APIS information for all the airlines with which you are flying

We will send your confirmation via email within 24 hours of you confirming your booking. In most cases when booking on our website, you will receive a confirmation immediately following the completion of your booking. 

If it is possible you gave us the wrong email address please let us know ASAP. It is very important we have the correct details on file in case of any schedule changes. 

If you have not received your confirmation email it is possible your email server has classified the email as spam. Please check your Junk folder.

Alternatively choose the eTicket option in the Help Centre (via Home Page)

Your eticket or "electronic ticket passenger document" is the document you will need to take with you to the airport to check-in for your flight. This has replaced the traditional paper ticket. In some cases, the airline doesn’t require a printout of your eticket, however we strongly recommend you have one with you. For accommodation bookings, you should always have a copy of your printed confirmation and/or voucher.

Your e-ticket is not your boarding pass. It is a separate document to your boarding pass. 

It is your responsibility to obtain your Boarding cards. 

This can be done either through online check-in, directly on the airline’s website, or if this is not available, you will receive it when you check in at the airport. 

Please note that many airlines including all low cost airlines insist that online check-in is completed and boarding pass printed in advance of you arriving at the airport.

You will find the information you need to access the airline’s website on your eticket. You will need to have the airline locator, which is a unique 6 character code with a mix of letters and numbers, for example A12BC3. 

You may also need some other items of information. These vary by airline but may include departure point, destination, lead passenger name and surname etc. You should have your passport to hand when checking in online.

Boarding cards are issued by the Airlines only. Use the eTicket we have provided you with to check in online (if the Airline permits) or at the Airport.

If checking in at the airport please ensure to arrive a minimum of 2 hours before departure when flying short-haul (Europe) and a minimum of 3 hours prior to departure when flying long-haul (USA, Asia)

Yes. In some cases, the airline does not require a printout of your eticket, however we strongly recommend you have one with you. 

We strongly advise that customer book travel insurance at the time of booking their flights and accommodation and that a copy of the insurance policy terms and conditions is carried on your trip.

You must check directly with the airline before you travel. Permissions and charges on these items vary widely by airline and aircraft type and are subject to availability. In most cases, additional charges will apply.

For most international flights with a connection, your baggage will be tagged to your destination country if you are travelling on the same airline. The same applies if you are travelling on a “through” ticket on an inter-carrier agreement for example Qantas / Emirates.

There are however exceptions to the rules:

  • Travelling to the USA, you must pick up your baggage at the first entry point. You must then clear US immigration (unless travelling from Ireland and immigration already complete), and you must then follow transfer signage to re-check your baggage for your onward flight. 
  • If you are travelling on two or more separate tickets you will almost always need to re-check your baggage. There are some exceptions to this rule.

The most important thing to do is to ask at the airport check-in desk and always double check the baggage tag you receive at check-in as this will show where you will collect your bag.

If you have a particular meal preference you can choose a preferred meal option during the online booking process on our site. Please note meal requests cannot be guaranteed.

You may also request this on the airline’s website using the reference number at the top of your eticket (airline info). 

Most long haul scheduled flights will include at least one meal, however some will charge locally and increasingly, airlines are withdrawing second meal services on long haul flights below a certain duration. Please check directly with your airline.

The majority of airlines will not provide a meal of any kind for an infant. Please ensure you take baby food and milk for your infant when travelling.

Almost all airlines will permit one such item free of charge, however please check directly with your airline prior to departure.